Car Wash Software for Mac 3.2

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Car Wash Software for Mac 3.2


With the success or growth of any business, need for tools that aid proper time and resource management become more important than otherwise. Same is the case with car wash business. As a business grows, management and scheduling of all car wash appointments and allocation of human resource to different jobs at a time, along with other such management activities become more and more hectic to be managed single handedly. To aid you at this point, the new Car Wash Software designed specifically for Apple Mac (OS X) offers the just requirement of fulfilling all your daily business operations needs.

Car Wash Calendar for MAC - editclient

Not only is this software helpful in helping the administrator in recording daily services, timings and appointments but workers too can use this tool to manage their daily work engagements accordingly. The software offers the beneficial features of storing all customer related information including phone numbers, addresses, e mails, and even comments, if any.

Car Wash Calendar for MAC -calendar

Besides keeping track of customers, the program’s handy features also allow you to record monetary earnings too. You can easily store in the charged amount from a customer on a date and view it later on either individually or collectively over a period of time.

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Reminders and alerts are extremely helpful in remembering those slippery tasks that are required to be done on time and employees can also be reminded of any specific job they are assigned or are required to do.

The extensive and elaborate database storing options allow you it instantly access automatic search from where you can derive all previous information about a client. The smart auto field filling function saves you time spent on extra unnecessary filling ins, offering an instant view of customer’s profiles, daily earnings and appointments anywhere and anytime you want them.

The speedy and simple to use program offers an easy operations through four distinct menu icons namely Workers, Clients, Reports and Scheduler.

The Workers section stores in all details of every worker with the options of adding in their job description as well. You can easily check on the availability of workers depending on the current job required and fix an appointment immediately. The biggest advantage is that the program allows the opportunity of making a direct call to a Skype ID, further facilitating the customer relations.

Car Wash Calendar for MAC -workers

The Clients section stores in all information, as explained above, along with the choice of adding photos of the customers along with their profiles as well.

Car Wash Calendar for MAC-clients

The Reports section offers comprehensive details on daily earnings, appointments, job details and daily earnings as well.

The Scheduler section bears a calendar that allows easy go through for instant appointment fixes along with the feature of listing daily accumulated income shown above every date.

To ensure all your information stays safe and securer even with mobile devices, the program most importantly also offers the features of restoring your database on Windows Phone or on Android phone versions as well. You will though have to install the program from its respective stores:   Car Wash Software for Mobile